About the Photographer

I’m a passionate photographer and digital media creator who is eager to help tell your story.

I’m Michelle, and I’ve been a photographer at heart for as long as I can remember. Being able to capture a person’s essence or tell a story about a new adventure through images is what keeps me going.

I spent five years doing event photography and promotional videography for organizations such as Humber College, Durham College, and the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research and continue to do contract work around my shoot schedule.

Whether it’s a freelance project or contract work, I always bring the same values to my shoot space:

Respect. Respect is number one. I treat all of my clients with dignity and kindness.
Diversity. I welcome clients of all race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, and physical or mental ability.
Collaboration. I work with my clients and incorporate their ideas into our shoot to create images that they can be happy with.
Creativity. I am all about thinking outside the box and trying new things with the camera.
Safety. I prioritize the safety of my clients and myself. I have the right to deny any client a booking if I feel unsafe providing the shoot for any reason.

Besides photography, I’m super passionate about music, travel and self-care. I can often be found kicking around Toronto taking photos, planning my next travel adventure, or dancing at a concert or five.