About the Photographer

I’m a passionate photographer and digital media creator who is eager to help tell your story.

I’m Michelle, and I’ve been a photographer at heart for as long as I can remember. Being able to capture a person’s essence or tell a story about a new adventure through images is what keeps me going.

Besides photography, I’m super passionate about music, travel and self-care. I can often be found kicking around Toronto taking polaroids, painting something bright and weird, or dancing at a concert or five. 

What are my credentials?

I have my Honours Diploma in Media Communications from Humber College wherein I studied photography, graphic design, videography, web design and project management. I also have my Honours BA in English from York University which developed my ability to compose a dynamic story through words and visuals.

I spent three years doing event photography and promotional videography for Humber’s Applied Research & Innovation office. Since then, I’ve produced images and video for the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR). I currently continue to do various freelance and contract work, and shoot whenever I can.